MediTag Partners
ABN 12 309 662 161

We are an innovative computer based company specialising in medical centre computer equipment and MediTag®

We are a friendly business who work well with doctors and their staff.

We supply individual computers and larger scale file server networking systems, waiting room television sets, and headphones and headsets.

We consult on improving existing systems, and on replacing older computers.

We consult on and improve security on file systems and on creating better (and more reliable) back-up facilities.

On a more detailed scale, we work principally with the later model desktop and notebook computers; operating Microsoft Windows (i.e. XP and Vista).

This involves:

  • network installation
  • network administration
  • network fault diagnosis and repair
  • data back-up and recovery
  • medical software installation (includes Medical Director 2 and Multi-View)
  • Microsoft Windows Exchange installation
  • mail system setups
  • anti-virus software support
  • firewall installation
  • certified network cabling and
  • maintenance